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Santa Fe Interventionist

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It’s possible to mistake denial for stubbornness, and to associate an intervention as something that happens to someone else, in a movie or an inner-city neighborhood. We need to do ourselves a favor and accept that addiction can happen anywhere and to anyone. A mental disorder is one possibility, as is alcoholism and substance abuse, but, whatever the addiction may be, it’s there inside the family circle, and it needs to be dealt with before it grows out of control. This loss of control means depression and frustration that can lead to attempted suicide or criminal activities to pay for the habit. This only scrapes the surface of potential problems, issues that extend to permanent liver damage and brain damage caused by binge drinking and dependency on drugs that were never meant for constant consumption.

The addicted relative is paralyzed by frustration and dependency. The support structure of family and friends is frozen, lost in panicked thought as they attempt to address the situation. Shattering this mood of indecision takes courage and a leap of faith, turning to the positive tool that is intervention.

An Interventionist Focuses Group Energy

The intention to stage a family-supported intervention is admirable in and of itself, but it may not be enough. Remember, this is likely a one-off opportunity to effect lasting change. Make the moment count with the help of a professional interventionist. This trained counselor has specialized skills and knowledge of the dynamics between addicts and loving groups of family. Already responsible for coordinating a number of similar occasions, the counselor has the credentials and hard-earned ability to orchestrate each distinctive phase of the approaching event.

First comes planning, informing the newly created family support group of the intervention model to be used, following up with individual tasks of preparation and research for each member. Statements of love coupled with the desire for change are written or memorized, and additional conditions added to ensure the loved one stays the course, checking into treatment and completing the program.

New Mexico residents takes no pride in the state’s position at the top of a table highlighting illicit drug usage (, but a Santa Fe Interventionist can help drive those figures down, guiding addicted friends and family into rehabilitation centers where they will begin their journey’s of recovery.

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