Meth Intervention

Meth Intervention in New Mexico

meth-interventionIn the past twenty years the United States has seen a surge in the number of people using methamphetamines (meth). The state of New Mexico is no exception. With some of the highest rates of meth use in the country, meth intervention in New Mexico is a growing need.

What is Meth?

Methemaphetamines, also referred to as crystal, crystal meth, meth or glass, is a class of drugs that was originally used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AHDH) and obesity. When it was discovered by drug users that use of meth created an intense euphoric state it became abused in increasing numbers. The drug is typically smoked but its original medicinal form is a pill. The downside to the euphoria is a host of unwanted side effects. While some side effects can be mild, like trouble sleeping or mild anxiety, others can be very serious, as in delusions, hallucinations, very high fevers, seizures and psychosis.

How do you treat a meth addiction?

Despite the seriousness of the drug it is a treatable addiction. For most individuals the first part of the their journey to sobriety will be detoxifying the drug from their bloodstream. This is most safely done in a detox facility where they can medically monitor the individual. After they have eliminated the drug from their body most people will then enter an inpatient treatment facility. With a strong focus on support, therapy and learning new healthy patterns, inpatient facilities provide an excellent platform for health.

After a stay ranging from a few weeks to a few months most people will be ready to return home and begin an outpatient treatment regimen. There are many different options in the outpatient treatment realm ranging from traditional therapy, to group sessions to an outpatient treatment center. What is chosen depends upon the individuals needs.

With the knowledge that meth addiction is very treatable families should have renewed hope. Getting help for a loved one could be as simple as finding the right treatment option and getting them started. Finding a meth intervention in New Mexico could make all the difference in your family.

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