Marijuana Intervention

Marijuana Intervention in New Mexico

marijuana-addictionMarijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the country. This is especially true along the southern border in states such as New Mexico. Marijuana abuse is so common due to the entry of drugs illegally into the country and the melting pot of legal citizens and illegal immigrants. A marijuana intervention in New Mexico will involve a dedicated interventionist and a great deal of love and support from friends and family members due to the prevalence of this now legal drug in the area.

Marijuana use in small measured doses is usually not a cause for alarm despite its formerly illegal nature. It can, and often is, utilized for the overall health benefit of the one who partakes of this increasingly legal herb. While medicinal marijuana has been legal in New Mexico for several years now, the fact remains that it is an easily abused substance. The addiction studies often show that marijuana is no addictive chemically, but it is a drug that your loved one may become mentally or emotionally dependent upon due to chronic pain or a desire to be part of a circle of peers who utilize it for non-medicinal purposes.

A marijuana intervention in New Mexico is all about helping your loved one find alternatives to getting high, or their current medication of choice. A circle of family and friends can provide the loving support necessary to help them kick the habit or develop better life practices. It can be difficult to convince someone that they have a problem due to the legal nature of marijuana in New Mexico. This means that an intervention will need to be handled in a professional manner similar to an intervention for prescription drug abuse.

Develop A Strategy

The interventionist will bring together family and friends and help them develop a strategy of healing for their loved one. This strategy begins with expressing thoughts, feelings, and concerns without judgment then develops further. This developmental phase of intervention leads to the explanation of treatment fans and a growth in the awareness of treatment options. Marijuana can be a difficult drug to stop utilizing primarily because of its prevalence and the fact that it does have medicinal value. If the first two steps fail to achieve results, the final step ‘tough love’ may be utilized.

Tough love can be anything from showing exactly how marijuana is destroying your loved one’s life, to actively placing the under medical observation if they can be seen as a danger to themselves and others.

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