Heroin Intervention

Heroin Intervention in New Mexico

heroin-interventionWatching someone you love live with a heroin addiction can be a very painful existence. The unwanted affects of heroin are serious and often life-threatening. If someone you love is at risk, there are many options for a successful heroin intervention in New Mexico.

In 2009-1010, the state of New Mexico was among the top ten states for drug use in several categories. These include past-month illicit drug use among residents age 12-17, past-month marijuana use among residents age 12-17, past-year misuse of pain medications among residents age 12-17; and illicit drug dependence among residents age 12-17. {whitehouse.gov}Also, in 2009, the drug induced death rate for New Mexico was significantly higher than that of the national average. With drug statistics this high a large number of residents are either living with an addiction or watching someone they love battle addiction.

Heroin is Highly Addictive

Heroin is a very potent and very addictive substance. It can be injected, smoked or snorted depending upon it’s composition. It is often regarded as the most highly addictive of all illicit drugs and thereby one of the hardest drugs to treat. However, with the advances in the mental health and addiction fields of psychology, great success is being seen in treating heroin addiction. This may be largely in part because of the availability of choice in treatment. An individual or family living with heroin addiction can choose the path of treatment that works best for them.

Most addicts seeking help will begin their path to health in an inpatient setting. This often will start with a brief stay at a detox facility. This is a medical facility staffed by doctors, nurses and mental health professionals. They will help your loved one work the heroin out of their body. After detox is complete they can move on to an inpatient facility. This is where the therapy will begin. Because different facilities offer different types of therapy there is flexibility in what option to choose.

After an inpatient treatment plan is complete your loved one can begin one of many available outpatient options. With a range from one-on-one therapy, to group therapy to an outpatient facility you can choose what is the perfect fit for your family and your loved one.

It is obvious that overcoming a heroin addiction is possible. It is not an easy road but it is a very worthwhile path to choose. Helping your loved one begin the path to sobriety and health can begin with a heroin intervention in New Mexico.

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