Drug Intervention

Drug Intervention in New Mexico

drug-interventionToo many families face a life with drugs and alcohol in the state of New Mexico. With illicit drug use rates over 10 percent (amongst residents over the age of 12), thousands of families are feeling the affects of long-term addiction (whitehouse.gov). Despite the high numbers there are still options for drug intervention in New Mexico available at any time to guide families through the process.

When an individual is ready to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol it is often a process entered into by the entire family. Because they will need support throughout the entire process, the whole family needs to be equipped to help the addicted family member. This means that the treatment options must also include the whole family unit.

Why a family approach?

From the outside, addiction appears to be a very individual and personal struggle. The addicted person is the one with the power to get better so why focus on the entire family? This is because addiction truly strikes whole families. Family members often reinforce addictive behavior without even realizing it. They often provide money, transportation and other means by which addicts seek drugs. In this way many family members enable an addict and become part of the addiction process.

The family is also the means by which many addicts get the courage to begin treatment. When the addicted family members starts to see the affect their drug use has on other members of the family it might help convince them to start a treatment program.

What are the options?

Fortunately there are many, many options available that will approach addiction as the family issue that it is. If your loved one has to enter a treatment program the rest of the family will receive support and counseling in addition. If your loved one takes place in therapy that therapy process will often include other members of the family. There are also support groups that can be extremely helpful to family member who want to support an addicted loved one without enabling their addiction.

With so many options we are left to wonder why so many individuals are left untreated. In too many cases it is simply because the individual, and their family, did not know where to turn for help. With so many choices for drug intervention in New Mexico no one should be left untreated.


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