New Mexico Intervention

New Mexico Intervention

new mexico interventionThe state of New Mexico is facing a serious threat from abuse of drugs and alcohol. They are among the top states for several categories of serious and dangerous drug abuse. With so many families facing the reality of losing someone they love to drugs it is a problem that needs addressing. With a plethora of options for a New Mexico intervention there is help for every family and every individual living with addiction.


Approximately 10 percent of New Mexico residents reported using an illicit drug in the past month. When compared with the national average of only 8.8 percent we can begin to see that a drug problem exists. As a direct consequence of drug use, 447 persons died in New Mexico in 2009, which was significantly more than deaths due to motor vehicle accidents or firearms. {} With rates of serious and dangerous drugs rising so high the residents of New Mexico are at a great risk.

When we take a step back from the statewide statistics to look at the effect on families we see an even more unpleasant picture. Families are being torn apart by the use of drugs and alcohol. Not only are the people using drugs affected but so too are the parents, children, siblings, friends and extended family members. Drugs affect the entire family unit. What can families do when they cannot control the addicted family member but want to help?

A Formal Intervention

The first step that many families overlook is to conduct a formal Intervention. This is a process that is led by someone with extensive experience dealing with addictions where your loved one is confronted about their addiction. Each family member has a chance to show how the drug or alcohol abuse has affected him or her. At the end of the intervention the family gives the addicted family member an ultimatum; either they enter into a treatment program immediately or they will no longer have the support of the rest of the family. By including a professional Interventionist in this process the chance of a positive outcome is very good.

After the Intervention your loved one will begin on the path to health. They will have options ranging from inpatient treatment centers, outpatient counseling, group addictions counseling and several others. The family can work with the Interventionist to figure out what the best course of treatment will be.

All of these options prove that help is very possible. All a family needs to do is take the first step towards a New Mexico Intervention and the road to sobriety is very possible.

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