New Mexico Intervention services is a western branch of our parent company Intervention Services, Inc., currently the largest provider of interventions nationwide. Interventions are just one of the many services we provide at Intervention Services, Inc. Essentially, an intervention is usually conducted when a family or friend has someone that they love who is engaged in harmful behaviors and shows little indication of quitting. Our process is a two day loving process where we engage with the family and their loved one in such a way to increase their willingness to want to get help, followed by immediate entry into treatment. How successful is our approach? Over 90% of those we intervene on enter treatment on the second day of the intervention. If you or someone you know is looking for intervention services in New Mexico, please contact us. We are available anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have. If you are looking for services outside of New Mexico, we do have a network of interventionists throughout the United States that can help you no matter your location.

What happens after the intervention? Ideally, in most cases, the first goal is immediate entry into a therapeutic residential treatment program focused primarily on the nature of the addiction or abuse. As the largest provider of interventions in the United States, we have a large network of thousands of facilities nationwide to help insure that New Mexico residents are provided with an abundance of flexible options for themselves and their loved ones. Our New Mexico intervention services work exceedingly well due to the impressive amount of treatment centers to choose from for your loved one’s specific addiction, disorder, or mental health problem. Due to the large number of treatment centers and interventionist options in New Mexico we provide, it is imperative that you seek the help of an appropriately trained professional who can narrow down the search and find the perfect treatment center for your loved one. Intervention Services Inc can provide New Mexico drug or alcohol interventions of the highest quality for you and your family.

Drug Interventions
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Drug Interventions

At Intervention Services, we can do an intervention for any drug, in a loving way that brings the family together. We want to see a long-term treatment plan, one that really helps them get clean.
Alcohol Interventions
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Alcohol Interventions

Although Alcohol is legal, it is also highly addictive, and very deadly. We want to help get treatment for your loved one so they can get their life back to the way it should be, happy and free of addiction.
Mental Health Intervention
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Mental Health Intervention

Not everyone can do it on their own, sometimes you need professionals who see the big picture. We have certified clinicians who are trained to handle a number of mental health issues.

Watch some of our videos

From our Founders:
David Lee and Kevin Lee

Why Families Wait

is an educational presentation delivered for local families, police officers and educators to help people understand why the majority of families wait to intervene. Unfortunately, most families will never intervene, but instead will wait…often until the worst happens. David Lee, our Founder, explains why.

Understanding Enabling

is to help families to understand Enabling in a different way then they have had it explained before. A part of our Intervention Video Response Series, which answers questions emailed in from families in need of help, this has become one of our most popular.

Reaching the Bottom

is another in our Intervention Video Responses Series. Does your loved one need to reach their bottom in order to change? It is important for families to collectively understand that waiting for this mysterious event, this “bottom” that they have often been mistakenly informed of…often results in disastrous consequences.

PTSD Interventions

Dealing with someone who may be struggling with PTSD can be agonizing for someone who cares. Attempts to reach out, to reach them are often replaced with frustration, fear, and hopelessness. A PTSD Intervention may be what can help to bridge the silent gap between you and someone you care about to engage in the therapeutic process and begin to heal. In many cases, someone suffering from PTSD can be in complete denial that they have it. In others, the awareness might be there, but the person looks at reaching for help as a weakness.

The Rogue Elephant

is a drug and alcohol prevention presentation by founder David Lee and delivered to adolescents participating in a benefit for the homeless to help understand why someone becomes addicted to drugs and others do not.

Our Helping Was Hurting

is a presentation delivered by co-founder Kevin Lee. An honest portrayal of a family struggling to help an addict to achieve sobriety, Kevin speaks from a personal perspective as a family member who knows what it is like to have a family stumble through all the “right actions” which only left them more frustrated in the end.


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